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General Retail Solutions




NCR RealPOS 25

Engineered for demanding retail environments, the NCR RealPOS 25 delivers superior value with its versatile design, robust performance, and high reliability.  With availableRealPOS 25 features typically found on higher priced systems and a comprehensive suite of industry-leading peripherals, the NCR RealPOS 25 is a smart investment for any size business.     
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NCR RealPOS 50

Designed for demanding retail environments, the NCR RealPOS 50 provides outstanding performance, versatility and RealPOS 50reliability to enhance customer service and reduce costs while maximizing your point-of-sale (POS) investment.
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NCR RealPOS 72xrt

Designed to accelerate your customer service and your ROI,RealPOS 70xrt the NCR RealPOS™ 72XRT combines business-optimized technologies, innovative retail design and industry-leading serviceability. 
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NCR RealPOS 40

The NCR RealPOS 40 is an affordable, retail-ready POS RealPOS 40solution that provides outstanding value for any size retailer.  It supports a broad range of certified NCR peripherals and applications
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NCR RealPOS 60

The NCR RealPOS 60 is a powerful, retail-ready POS RealPOS 60solution that empowers store associates and delivers an enhanced customer experience.  It supports a broad range of certified NCR peripherals and applications 
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NCR General POS Solution

NCR General POS Solution is a packaged solution able to meet unique business needs by offering hundreds of parameterization options. This solution is scalable, adapting to different operation sizes, layouts and formats. A wide range of user and customer displays can be chosen.
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LOC Software

LOC Software's open and innovative solutions are designed to allow total store control in multiple types of environments. LOC Store Management Suite is a complete suite of applications designed for the retail industry. From the Point of Sale system, Central Host and Warehouse Management, LOC Store Management Suite is the perfect tool to Buy, Sell and Manage.
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